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Book 3 - Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series.

One of a million statistics in the intergalactic war, Jocelyn St. Germaine is captured, sold as a slave and then forced to fight in the Deg’Nara gladiator games.  She’s slated to lose when Kanaan, the most feared warrior of all, claims her as his own.

Five Star Reviews on Amazon

"Another great story. I loved the characters in this story and how they grew and changed." Dana Simmons

"This book was a delicious surprise, I really wasn't expecting much but boy was I wrong." Ana C.


Available Now From New Concepts Publishing and Amazon - Breeder Slave.

Sequel to The Chalice (Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series.

The human females Leah and Moira find themselves abandoned, forced to fend for themselves on a perilous and barren planet. The only hope they have is the fugitive who wants nothing to do with them. Will they survive?

5 star reviews on Amazon.

"Darker, grittier romance...This is a very rich world that is well developed and thought out." Nix Whittaker

"Love.That.Zozzi. This book is full of humor which pops out at the most unexpected moments." Boxer Lover in Vermont 

Available Now From New Concepts Publishing and Amazon.


Winner of the Coffee Time Romance Award - Recommended Read.

Coffee Time Romance


The Chalice - I was very impressed with just how FUNNY this book was; usually, sci-fi takes itself so seriously. “The Chalice,” on the other hand, takes a tongue in cheek look at exactly how a group of kidnapped women would react upon finding out that they have been chosen as the mates for the last remaining males of a dying alien species. 



Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


The Chalice - P L Parker has created a terrific futuristic romance novel that has sparks of laughter, camaraderie...

Night Owl Romance

P L Parker has created a terrific futuristic romance novel that has sparks of laughter, camaraderie, and good sex scenes...Arianne

So excited!  Finished my fourth novel in the Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series.  Tentatively entitled "Requiem." 

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